The New Periodic Table Song Cover

Download The New Periodic Table Song [Cover].mp3

A cover to a nifty song by AsapSCIENCE.

Thanks everyone for commenting. I appreciate all of them no matter what they say.

I was able to memorize this song after listening to it around eighty times. I learned the bulk of it on the car ride to and from Dallas. However, I spent around an hour or so at my home replaying the fast part in slow-motion, slowly speeding up the tempo until it was normal.

Haha, I realize I am not the best singer as well. My vocal range is also very low for most songs, and this one, especially, is no exception. My main intention was to to memorize the lyrics rather than hit the correct pitches. I think it adds humor to the video, and this was definitely the best copy I had of the fifteen to twenty takes I had.


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